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Wine Flight



3 halve glazen € 18,50
4 halve glazen € 23,50
5 halve glazen € 29,50
6 halve glazen € 35,00


Uit te breiden met o.a.:

“Paul’s Luxe schaal” € 25,50,-
Kaas plank € 12,50
Iberico Bellota “Pata Negra” ham € 13,50
Nootjes € 4,50
Brood met hummus € 5,50

En nog veel meer......
Reserveer of vraag naar de mogelijkheden!

Per dag worden er een beperkt aantal Wine Flight gedaan, reserveer tijdig!


Each day we only take on a few reservations for the "Wine Flight", make sure to reserve in time!


How does it work?

Any of the wines that we serve per glass can be included in the tasting.

Half glasses.

Per glass I try to find underappreciated / unknown wines. Think of Hungarian "Bulls blood" / Kosher wine from Israel / Orange wine from Georgia / white wine from red grapes and more.

Each wine comes with a nice story.

Same wine per table per round.

We continue to a next wine when everyone has finished his or her glass.

You give us the color combination, we choose the wines.

Tastings start from 3 half glasses, but you can make it a much as you want.

I calculate about 30 minutes per round.

Any questions? Please contact us.

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